12. Listen and Respond to Customer Reviews

12. Listen and Respond to Customer Reviews

Did you know in every company meeting at Amazon there’s at least one empty chair? It doesn’t matter if the meeting is between two people or two hundred people, Amazon always keeps an extra chair empty to symbolize the voice of the customer. What this does is subconsciously embed the customer experience throughout all of Amazon’s decision making. Whenever an executive wants to make a change, that chair reminds them that they have to consider how this change will affect the customer as well as their experience with the company.

The best innovation is customer-driven. This means that the customer’s input is the primary inspiration for the change that your business is making. We’ll talk more about what this means later in this post, but listening and responding to customer reviews is the first step you can take towards customer-driven innovation.

Business Example: HubSpot

When it comes to customer reviews, HubSpot is very in tune with what its customers are saying about its products and services. The company not only monitors third-party sites for mentions and new listings, but also participates actively by responding to customers shortly after they publish a review. Here’s an example of one from Glassdoor that a HubSpot rep responded to.

13. Prioritize High-Quality Customer Support.

Customer service is a customer acquisition tool – and a dang good one, too. If you provide high-quality customer support, people will want to work with your business, even if your products cost a little more. In fact, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience than a poor one. This means if your customer support is better than your competition, you’ll have another marketing tool that you can installment loans store Mississippi leverage when attracting new leads.

Business Example: Zappos

Zappos is an online retailer that has built its reputation around customer service. It has a unique corporate culture that encourages support reps to do whatever it takes to delight the customer, even if that means going outside of standard policy or protocol. (więcej…)

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